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Exclusive HighRise™ Professional Window Cleaning System Provider

The Texas Window Cleaning Company offers affordable and reliable options for all property managers. We pride ourselves on only hiring the best personnel, utilizing cutting-edge equipment, and making safety and customer satisfaction a priority.

Decades of experience with high rise window cleaning have taught us that every building is different. That’s why we offer multiple ways to clean your high rise building.

  • High Rise Window Cleaning on Suspended Scaffolds (swing stage), or using Rope Descent Systems (RDS):

Using OSHA compliant Suspended scaffolds  or RDS equipment, we’ll send qualified and experienced professionals to your building. Our crew members are trained to work safely and thoroughly with both types of equipment, so you know no matter what, the job will be done right. With competitive rates for any building size, we offer a level of service that has kept us in business for over 70 years.

  • The HighRise™ Automated Cleaning System

As the only licensed HighRise™ vendor in Houston, we are proud to offer this technology to our customers. This self-contained, self-climbing machine can clean a buildings windows, window frames and the facade of the building all without having a single worker suspended from your building . This light weight machine can be setup quickly and uses Ultra Pure water to remove dirt and grime to keep the exterior of your building clean and  your windows streak-free.

The automated HighRise™ system isn’t suitable for every building type. To learn more about this exciting technology, or get a free high rise cleaning quote, contact us today.

The HighRise™ is a completely self-contained/self-climbing window cleaning system that can be operated from existing roof rigs, davit arms, roof cars or portable rigs. The operation is easy via a wireless remote control.

Cleans Windows And Frames
The HighRise™ is the ultimate cleaning machine providing a clean and spot-free surface. As the unit travels up and down the building the glass and frames are cleaned of corrosive pollution residue, extending the life of the building. By using our Ultra Pure setup the Pure Water leaves the windows crystal clear and residue-free, allowing the windows to stay clean longer.  The High Rise is designed to run from bottom to top using a double pass method coming back down the building the same path. Doing this accomplishes two things: 1st it helps to loosen more stubborn soils/ dirt on the first pass and then scrubbing and rinsing on the second pass back down the building.

High Productivity
The HighRise™ travels at a rate of 35 feet per minute and will clean up to 30,000 sq./ft. per hour. Clean as much in one day that normally would have taken a month to clean.

The HighRise™ is portable and can be transported from building-to-building. The portable rigging can be set up in as little as 20 minutes allowing you to clean multiple buildings quicker and safer.

Why Pure Water?
The mineral-free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot-free windows without using a chemical. It keeps windows cleaner longer leaving no residue or build up on the surface.

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