Covid19 Update:

We have been killing and disinfecting exterior surfaces for over 70 years. Now our exterior disinfecting and sanitizing services include EPA registered COVID19 Killer mPale by mPact which kills viruses for 30 days.  High touch surfaces include doors and doorways, patios, outdoor furnishings, and garages. We have the secret sauce to seal your home, schedule a consultation today.

Procedures and Protocol that Texas Window Cleaning has taken to mitigate risk to our staff and our clients and facilities:

Each morning, we are taking the temperature of all technicians that are in the field and checking in closely with them on any health concerns for themselves or family at home. Where there is any concern, we are managing PTO.

We have been maintaining a clean and disinfected work site for office staff and technicians who are working on “allowed” service areas.

We are heightening awareness and have trained on social distancing, thorough hand washing, personal proximity, etc.

As a general practice, we maintain social distance by working individually and often on the exterior of a building or home, but extra precaution is being taken as conditions require. In the interior of homes and office buildings, technicians are wearing gloves wearing masks.

We are monitoring the latest updates, as it all seems to be a moving target.

On a brighter note, that we all need, we want to join you in welcoming Spring. A New Day is coming, and we will get through this. We want to assure you that we will do all we can to support our clients and our job sites and our staff while following the CDC guidelines to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

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