Commercial Pressure & Soft Washing Services

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Texas Window Cleaning Company in Houston you can contact us online or call 713-522-5570 for immediate service.

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Pressure washing and soft washing are essential for the cleaning and maintenance of commercial buildings and high-traffic areas.  At Texas Window Cleaning Company, we utilize the industry’s best equipment – along with an experienced and committed team of technicians – to ensure every job is done right.

From concrete parking garages to metal surfaces and features, pressure cleaning and soft washing can make a literal night-and-day difference in the appearance of a commercial building.  You can read about the benefits below or contact us to get a free cleaning estimate from our friendly and professional team.

Want to Know More About Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services?

Seventy-plus years in the business of cleaning and maintaining commercial buildings have taught us that there is no job that’s too big or too small to be handled with care. If you have questions about our work or want to get a quote for cleaning at your building or facility, contact us online or call 713-522-5570 for immediate service and answers.

Our Commercial Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Services

We recommend facilities managers contact us at least once per year for commercial pressure washing or soft washing services, or possibly more often after a storm, accumulation of construction debris, or health concerns. That’s because areas of your property that see lots of traffic and exposure (like sidewalks, parking lots, and building exteriors) can build up dirt, grime, mold, or bacteria quickly.

Pressure washing by a professional team can alleviate these problems and bring a number of benefits, including:

  • Cleaner, safer walkways and exteriors that last longer before needing repair or replacement
  • The removal of stains, dark spots, and pockets of mold that bother tenants, employees, and shoppers
  • A more inviting appearance that gives your building or retail space an upscale aesthetic
  • Newer-looking surfaces that prolong the life and profitability of your property

Best of all, regular pressure washing and soft washing treatments don’t take much from your budget and don’t need to affect your business or operations.

Why Choose Texas Window Cleaning Company?

Window washing and pressure cleaning help your business stay visible and profitable. It only makes sense that you would want the best in the business on the job. That’s why so many commercial customers turn to our company first.

No one handles commercial window washing and pressure cleaning like we do. If you want to work with a team that’s reliable, uses environmentally friendly products and techniques, and won’t damage your property, then we should be your first call.

Here are some of the things they love about working with us:

  • Our fully insured team is fast, friendly, and professional while always following OSHA and industry safety guidelines.
  • We only employ the best, with all technicians going through background screening, drug testing, and E-Verify certification.
  • No other vendor in Houston can match our track record with commercial, residential, medical, and industrial buildings.
  • At Texas Window Cleaning Company we think service and value go together, so we always charge competitive rates.

You simply won’t find a more experienced, trusted, or reliable vendor when it comes to commercial window washing in Houston.