Window Washing & Pressure Washing for Hospitals

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Window Washing & Pressure Washing

Although we clean windows and offer pressure washing for high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, and even single-family homes all around the Houston area, we are probably best known for the work we do with hospitals. That’s partly because our friendly and committed team regularly dresses up like superheroes when cleaning the windows at the Children’s Hospital. It’s also because we offer a level of service, value, and pricing that most of our competitors can’t match.

Although most hospital managers and administrators around Houston already know Texas Window Cleaning Company, we want to be sure you understand what makes us a leader in our industry. There are a lot of companies offering window washing and pressure washing services for hospitals, but they don’t go above and beyond the way we do. That’s what you get when you have 70+ years of experience and a committed team bringing their best to every building.

If you want to know why we are a top choice for hospitals all across Southeast Texas, you can find the information you’re looking for below. However, if you want to get a quote or talk about window washing services for your medical facility, contact us today!

The Importance of Window Washing for Hospitals

Hospitals are unique places. Whether you’re an employee, patient, or visitor, you undoubtedly want your surroundings to be as clean and sparkling as possible. Not only do shiny, spot-free windows suggest cleanliness and freshness, but studies show people of all ages recover more quickly when they are surrounded by sunlight.

When someone comes to your hospital, the last thing they want to see are stains, streaks, or other signs of neglect. That’s why an affordable and reliable service like ours can be so valuable.

The value of having any medical facility look and feel like it is cleaned thoroughly and regularly can’t be overstated. However, there are other practical benefits, as well:

  • Cleaner hospital windows create an impression of good maintenance, responsibility, and reliable care.
  • Regularly cleaning hospital windows helps to remove dirt, stains, and debris that could become bigger issues over time.
  • Proper hospital window cleaning can be an issue of sanitation and safety, as older windows can crack or break without the right care.

Other Cleaning Services We Provide for Houston-Area Hospitals

We might be known for cleaning the windows of hospitals around Houston, but that’s only the most visible service we provide. That’s because our team can also help you keep your building and facilities looking brand new in a number of other ways, including:

  • Pressure washing for building exteriors and outdoor surfaces
  • Stain removal for all windows and glass, even for older glass and materials
  • Soft washing for areas that need to be cleaned while reducing the risk of damage
  • Pressure cleaning for sidewalks, walkways, parking garages, and other high-traffic spaces
  • Post-construction or renovation cleaning for small or large projects
  • Safety consultations for your employees and vendors

Each of these can be used to restore your hospital or medical facility to near-perfect condition. Many of the executives and managers we work with can’t believe how years – or even decades – of grime can be taken away in just a few hours.

Best of all, all of our hospital cleaning extras can be scheduled in addition to regular window washing or as a stand-alone service. You simply choose the options that work for your needs and budget. We will do the rest.

Why Choose Texas Window Cleaning Company?

As you probably know, Texas Window Cleaning Company has a reputation around Houston that is second to none. We work hard to be the superheroes you need for your hospital – whether we’re working in costume or just keeping your building looking great.

You don’t earn 70+ years of repeat business and rave reviews by covering the basics. While it’s true that our safety record is unmatched, and that every one of our experienced technicians goes through a background check (including drug tests and E-Verify), it’s really our attention to detail that sets us apart.

Along with the experience and insurance you expect, we do the little things that are hard to notice individually even though they add up in a big way.

Whether it’s taking a few extra minutes to remove a stain, or using 75-foot poles with de-ionized water to reach corners other window washers can’t, we do everything we can to earn our customers’ trust. That’s why our family-owned business has grown into a Houston institution, and why so many hospital administrators won’t trust window cleaning or power washing to anyone else.

Our mission is to make your hospital as bright as possible so you can do your very best for patients. We think that commitment, along with our competitive rates and reputation for service, makes us the Houston hospital window washing company you’ll want to work with.

Want to Work With Texas Window Cleaning Company?

For us, keeping the windows and exteriors of hospitals clean isn’t just a business – it’s a privilege. If you want that level of commitment from the company you work with, we encourage you to contact Texas Window Cleaning Company online now or reach us directly by phone at 713-522-5570 to get a fast quote and immediate answers.